Vintage Hamilton Wristwatches

Few organizations with pedigrees like Hamilton Watch Company exist - past or present. Perhaps that's the reason people have such interest in the company and its remarkable products. Even the Hamilton of today evokes respect and admiration. Do they make watches as well as the vintage ones?  Let's just say they manufacture excellent timepieces and reflect the DNA of a great timekeeper. Technology changes and the artisans of the old days would take pride in evolution of the Hamilton name.

In the days when railroads propelled the United States into the position of  the do
minate world economy, Hamilton Watches changed the operating principles of conductors, engineers, schedules and traffic. As the world took to the air, Hamilton went with pilots and crew. The same level of timekeeping aided the fledgling aircraft industry.

When the US Military entered the Second World War, Hamilton responded with watches for soldiers, sailors, pilots and ultimately the entire allied naval fleet. When explorers landed at the North Pole and Anartica, Hamilton watches helped the expitionary parties synchronize and keep track of the members in conditions without landmarks and often visibility.

Few know how Hamilton helped invent the concept of corporate management; properly used the American System of Manufacturing or demonstrated  how to survive and even thrive during economic depressions. As generations of workers changed over the years, the culture of the company headquarted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania influenced the exemplary conduct of management and staff. Pride in workmanship, initiative and advancing technology became the hallmarks of the world's greatest watch company of its days.

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